General conditions

  • The valid command acceptance of our terms and conditions.
  • Our benefits are payable by credit card when ordering via internet, prior to the filing of the articles entrusted.


  1. Our responsibility is not incurred only if the item does not support the cleaning process shown on the care label. If there is no care label of our responsibility is not engaged.
  2. Our responsibility is clear in relation to non-visible defects and defects such as color printing and not stable, deterioration buttons, zippers trimmings and ornaments shoulder loops for objects hidden in the linings (pen etc)
  3. Non picked up items within six months after filing, can use them without having to indemnify / customer (s).


  1. Claims must be announced no later than within three business days after receipt of the objects and on presentation of receipt.
  2. Complaints are handled quickly and we will send you an explanation.
  3. In Switzerland, the treated object is not insurable .. In case of damage to an item or for any loss, (only entrusted part) the customer is compensated according to the table of the current values ​​on the devaluation of the articles.
  4. A guarantee of success of the textile cleaning company is excluded.
  5. The Swiss law applies to the exclusion of any other.